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Compare Insurance Quotes with Florida Insurance Associates

The two biggest purchases most of us will make in our lifetime is a home and a vehicle. They are two parts of the American dream that many strive for. So when it is time to purchase these two items, it is important to get the right insurance coverage. That's when you call us here at Florida Insurance Associates.

The minimum amount of car insurance coverage required in Florida is property damage liability and a personal injury liability. Each of these coverages must be at a minimum of 10,000 dollars each. If you have a history of particular traffic violations or accidents, you might also be required by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles to purchase additional coverages.

For homeowners insurance, the state does not require you to have a particular level of coverage. However, most lenders will not give you mortgage without coverage in the amount of the loan and most won't lend without a homeowner having enough coverage to replace the home completely in case of damage.

Of course these are just the minimum requirements for insurance. We here at Florida Insurance Associates offer many more options. Our team of trained, experienced independent insurance agents are ready and able to get you the right coverage that you want and can afford for your home and automobile.

All it takes is giving us a call, sending us an email, or stopping by our location today. We are here waiting and willing to assist you with a no obligation quote. We want to get you the policy you deserve so you can have peace of mind that both your home and vehicle are covered.