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For those that own classic cars it is essential to own a policy that protects your car from a wider range of instances and occurrences than a typical policy might protect. The helpful independent insurance agents with Florida Insurance Associates know all about classic car insurance and can help you choose the policy that is right for you.

The main difference between classic car insurance and a typical auto policy is that the classic policy is going to do more to protect the actual car and the actual body of the vehicle. While typical auto policies are more focused on protecting the driver and getting them back in any car after an accident, classic policies are going to be geared toward protecting the specific car and getting the specific car that is insured back in driving shape after an accident.

Classic policies also help to protect classic cars while they are not on the road. Most classic policies work to protect the overall car and may cover things like wear and tear while they are in a garage, can cover things like damage that is caused by a third party, and will also help to cover any bills associated with an accident. In most cases, a classic policy is taken out by the owner to protect the car when it is not being driven.

Classic car policies treat classic cars more as an asset or a piece of property rather than treating them like a daily driver that you use to get to and from work. This means that there are going to be more safeguards for damage and repair than there would be with a typical auto policy. For those that own classic cars, especially those in hurricane prone areas like Florida, a classic policy is a must to protect your car and keep it looking great.

If you have any questions contact Florida Insurance Associates for answers and to find the policy that is right for you.

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